Create your own art toys

If you don’t know what an art toy is, or you have never seen one, there’s probably a good reason. It’s quite a niche industry, but filled with some of the nicest people and most talented artists in the world. About 10 years ago every man and his dog was talking about it; nowadays it’s quite a steady industry, but one that’s growing in popularity every day.

Art toys are predominately made by artists who have a desire to see their characters come to life in glorious 3D. In many ways, it’s an extension of their character development.

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Matt ‘Lunartik’ Jones is a multimedia artist, painter, sculptor, illustrator, curator, teacher, sticker fanatic and toy designer who’s probably best known for his Lunartik in a Cup of Tea toy range. The author of the Plastik Surgery Handbook, a guide to making designer art toys, Matt runs workshops on resin model casting, and works for Titan Toys franchise collectibles.