Develop reusable React components

When starting a fresh project, it can be easy to slip into some bad user experience habits (the analytics provided by good web hosting services can help negate this over time). As applications grow, components can start swelling in size and when the time comes to reuse a section of it, it can be hard to break apart. Large components become awkward to test, difficult to extend and easy to break.

The best way to avoid this problem is to split the UI into smaller, generic pieces that are easier to reuse because they get their data as props – a pattern known as presentational components. By focusing on the quality of smaller components like a button or input field, we know anything that would use those components will work as well.

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Matt Crouch

Matt Crouch is a front end developer who uses his knowledge of React, GraphQL and Styled Components to build online platforms for award-winning startups across the UK. He has written a range of articles and tutorials for net and Web Designer magazines covering the latest and greatest web development tools and technologies.