How to paint explosive environments

For this workshop I want to show how to paint a scene in the style of 70s sci-fi artists like John Berkey, Peter Elson and Chris Foss. Back in their time, there weren’t computers to make the amazing photorealistic renderings that we can achieve today. I really miss that painterly style, with the bright and vivid colours they used in their works. That’s why the ImagineFX team and I decided to tap into those colours and spaceship designs, and create an image with the same feel – but using today’s digital techniques.

To produce this kind of image there are two key things to keep in mind: bold shapes and vibrant colours. As you’ll see in this tutorial, most of my workflow for this kind of design is based on experimenting with different shapes and positions, using randomness as a tool to find ideas that I wouldn’t otherwise have achieved in a more logical way. I hope to share my understanding of how colour can be used as a tool to make a composition work, and how important it is to find a balance between big and simple shapes, and detailed elements.

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Pablo Carpio is a concept artist who’s gaining work in the video game and film industries. After a period as a freelancer, he’s looking for a full-time in-house position.