WebAR: All you need to know about the next big thing

(Image credit: Nintendo)

WebAR is on the rise, thanks to the biggest obstacle facing app-based AR. You see, since augmented reality (AR) became a big thing, the best experiences have been app-based. Think Pokémon GO, or any of those handy AR features that have been added to brand apps, from ASOS to IKEA. 

But while this type of AR offers advanced technical capabilities, trying to get people to download an app can be tricky, and it can be harder to make an app that's compatible with all the different types of phone and operating systems out there. That's why people have started looking seriously into WebAR; it may not have the power of full AR but it still has plenty of potential for experimental design that can enthral your users (check out the Google AR tool or this cut and paste tool for a couple of fun examples). Here's what you need to know about it.

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Ben Graves is a senior developer at Immersive Studios.