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Stunning album art takes indie band back to the future

Juco Photo

JUCO is the moniker under which photographers Julia Galdo and Cody Cloud collaborate, and the Los Angeles-based duo’s impressive client list includes Satchi & Satchi, Nike and Sony.

“We’re known for the bright, graphic quality of our imagery – it’s what ties our work together,” Galdo says. “We both do personal work that’s more sombre and quiet; a big contrast to our commercial projects.”

The pair’s album artwork for American indie band Dale Earnhardt Jr Jr is anything but sombre – a bright and playful tone that serves as a visual representation of the group’s music. “We’d describe this project as a mix between some 1980s futuristic computer programme design,’ Galdo says, “and a twisted kids’ play house.”

Juco photo

Juco photo

Juco photo

This article originally appeared in Computer Arts magazine

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