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Open wide! Business cards that make you say 'Ahhhh'

tongue depressor business cards

These business card designs will make you drop your jaw in awe

Inventive examples of business card designs will often make you gawp in awe - dropping your jaw to the floor due to the impeccable design and originality. Well, these business card designs will make you open up for another reason entirely.

Created by the Spain-based design studio Doctor Zamenhof, the team aim to 'diagnose' design problems and prescribe remedies and solutions. Continuing this medical theme, they've designed this rather brilliant set of business cards that mimic tongue depressors.

The stick shapes feature all of the design studio's contact information and will certainly stand out from other business card offerings. The simple logo design towards the end of the stick is a perfect, minimalist touch to an original and inventive execution.

tongue depressor business cards

[via Design Taxi]

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