Peugeot Hybrid gets a graphic novel makeover

Ever since the phenomenal success of superhero movies of late, it seems that just about everyone is jumping on the graphic novel bandwagon. Thankfully, this offering from Peugeot is a feast for the creative senses.

Scroll through the graphic novel online, and make sure your sound is unmuted

A collaborative project between BETC Digital, interactive and backend developer Sylvian Tran and Marvel illustrator Gérald Parel, the HYbrid4 graphic novel is an intriguing cross-over between a comic book and a screen experience.

Keep scrollin', scrollin', scrollin'

As you scroll down the page, there are sounds to accompany each picture including barking dogs and smashed windows. Switching between four different Peugeot travel modes, the heroine completes her mission in a series of stunning illustrations.

The site has been built so it will adapt to smartphones, tablets and desktop computers

The site has been built responsively, which means the comic can adapt to any screen. Is this just a one-off advertising campaign or could this be the start of a new breed of graphic novel design?

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