Redesigning the dollar bill

The idea to use images other than Presidents is an intriguing one

Jakub Alexander reckons the US dollar needs a redesign. "Compared to Canada and many European countries I feel we just got screwed a bit," says the graphic designer, who curates the music selections at design blog ISO50 and runs the Moodgadget record label. So here are some of the alternative designs he's come up with.

The redesigns retain some familar elements but represent a radical rethink overall

Modestly, he says he doesn’t think any of his designs are the answer but has published them in order to generate debate, and wants to encourage others to have a go and submit their designs to ISO500.

The idea to use images of people other than Presidents is an intriguing one

We reckon they're right on the money though (sorry - just couldn't resist). We like the idea of the larger denominations being a larger size, which would certainly help tourists who find it difficult to distinguish between different US notes. Placing images other than that of presidents is also an interesting idea.

You can see more of Alexander's dollar designs on this page.

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