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Relentless project gives bands and DJs the chance to be heard

One of the first projects that Andy Cooke completed entirely using Creative Cloud was the branding and art direction for Here To Be Heard, a competition by Relentless Energy Drink to give unsigned bands and DJs their big break.

"The end result would appear in various applications and formats, so a reasonably flexible identity had to be created," explains Cooke. "This started with a number of logotype layouts that worked across different sized banners, ads and formats, online and in print."

Inspired by the name, Cooke developed a concept around the idea of interference and glitches. Graphic elements were laid over photography, so that performers were seen - or 'heard' - through the visual noise. The glitch concept also translated seamlessly to video, with elements appearing and moving independently. "I even had time to test out a new feature: Photoshop's Image Generator," he reveals. "It was precisely what was required for the video, and sped up the workflow when we were against the clock."

Photography needed to be both high quality and on-brand, so when one particular shot - taken in low light conditions - didn't make the grade, another CC feature came into play. "In all honesty, the Camera Shake tool in Photoshop looked too good to be true," Cooke admits. "But the results were fantastic here."

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