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Create painterly effects in Photoshop CC

Adobe has released two new video tutorials to help you take your Photoshop Creative Cloud skills to the next level, and create painterly effects using its range of Edvard Munch paintbrushes (download your brushes for free here). 

In the first tutorial, Photoshop expert Kyle T. Webster shows you how to use the Mixer brush tool to add life to simple shapes. This tool enables you to paint with more than one colour in a single stroke, blending shades as you go. With a little guidance you can build up your brushstrokes to create a textured impasto effect in your digital paintings. For more brushes, see our pick of top Photoshop brushes to try, or watch the tutorial below.

The second tutorial shows you how to use Adobe Stock to add some context to your digital painting. You’ll learn how to use stock imagery to put your design in a frame, and add textures to create an antique, cracked effect.

The tutorials are part of Adobe’s Hidden Treasures of Creativity project, for which it transformed the centuries-old paintbrushes used by Edvard Munch into a set of free Photoshop brushes.

Ruth Hamilton
Ruth Hamilton is associate editor of Creative Bloq, and former acting editor of net magazine. She has also worked on Creative Bloq's sister publication, Computer Arts.