Get started with Grav CMS

Get started with Grav CMS
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Grav is a content management system (CMS) with a difference. Content management systems are commonplace in the modern web, with platforms like Wordpress (or other web hosting provider) powering a large percentage of websites. They provide an easy-to-use graphical interface for non-technical users to add articles and content while the developers handle the code separately (in a similar way to an easy-to-use website builder). 

The major drawbacks come when the CMS is bloated with unneeded features, or forces developers to work in a counter-productive manner. Even a basic CMS-built website that's little more than a landing page relies on a database, which can make migration and management a larger task than it should be. 

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Joe has been building websites his whole life, and he now runs Corebyte Ltd, a small web development company in Southampton.