How to animate with the mo.js library

Mo.js: animation
(Image credit: Pexels/Frank Kagumba)

Mo.js is a unique motion graphics JavaScript library that not only facilitates full-screen page animation loaders, but also click-to-animate micro-interactions, and tons of shape manipulations.

If you have been following the web design scene for a while now, chances are that you will have come across – or perhaps interacted with – a wide array of animation techniques and libraries. Core technologies such as CSS, HTML5 and JavaScript are becoming even more powerful, and browser support is improving with time. The implication is that more sophisticated web animations can be supported across devices. Remember, if you're building a complex site, your web hosting service must be capable of supporting your project.

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Frank is a tech enthusiast and front-end developer working to make the web a better place every day. In this tutorial, you will learn the basics of the Mo.js Javascript library and use it to develop custom animations