How to create water simulations

Water simulation

This tutorial will teach you to create an animated beach diorama from start to finish using Houdini FX. You will understand the entire workflow of the process, going through modelling, emitter creation, simulations, water mesh creation, foam, bubbles and finishing it with shader, lighting and render to create a stunning piece of 3D art.

I’ll introduce some of the advantages of working with Houdini, including some tips, shortcuts and important concepts. It is a very powerful piece of software and once you understand its logic, it becomes a completely intuitive and liberating tool where your creativity is the only limit. Getting there requires a little patience, though, because the simulations are usually time-consuming and, as it involves a lot of refraction and volume information, the rendering will probably not be all that fast, either.

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Lucas is an art director and VFX artist with a strong working knowledge of Houdini, VEX, natural phenomena simulations and RBD/Flip/Pyro simulation. He also loves stop-motion.