Stop the bots with Google reCAPTCHA

Stop the bots with Google reCAPTCHA
(Image credit: Future)

Keeping bots out always is a numbers game – sadly, the availability of easy-to-use machine learning libraries made cracking many classic captcha types simple. Google stands at the forefront of the botting storm – after all, something only exists if it can be found (prominently) in Big G's indices.

Due to this, Google engineers devote significant amounts of effort into designing anti-bot systems and solutions. They are made available to third parties via a product called reCAPTCHA, which we will go over together during the following steps. For more tools unrelated to bots, see our web design tools post.

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Tam Hanna is a software consultant who specialises in the management of carrier and device manufacturer relationships, mobile application distribution and development, design and prototyping of process computers and sensors. He was a regular contributor to Web Designer magazine in previous years, and now occupies his time as the owner of Tamoggemon Software and Computer Software.