Texture an authentically worn K-2SO droid

In this tutorial we'll be texturing and rendering K-2SO from Star Wars: Rogue One. We will focus on texturing the droid using Substance Painter to make him fit into the Star Wars universe; slightly reflective, yet dull and worn for that truly lived-in appearance. This will be broken down by surface damage, scratches, micro-noise and the roughness properties of the robot's surfaces, with a final layer of grime to build up depth like a true Star Wars prop.

Finally, we will output everything for rendering in KeyShot for that advertising poster look. The model has been built in quads using subdivided surfaces, so it can be smoothed at render time using the surface normals of the mesh.

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Andrew is a freelance 3D artist; most recent projects include leading the art of two titles for Sony Xdev Studios.