How to use grid and guide tools in Photoshop

Grid and guide tools in Photoshop
(Image credit: Gillian Galang)

Painting a landscape is made much easier by using the grid and guide tools in Photoshop. Making a study of an environment, landscape or background is a great way to advance your painting skills, especially if you use Photoshop's guides. 

In this free tutorial, freelance artist Gillian Galang shows you how she overcomes the daunting challenge of painting an outdoor environment. With many different elements in a scene it can be tricky, but below Galang shares how she uses Photoshop's perspective tools to make life easier.

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Gillian Galang
Freelance artist

Freelance artist Gillian paints backgrounds, environments and illustrations, and has worked for clients around the world. She aspires to become a background painter and vis-dev artist.