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appMobi open sources key HTML5 dev technologies

With Adobe's recent announcement regarding the cancellation of Flash for mobile, HTML5 is very much in focus regarding web technologies. And as of tomorrow, HTML5 will get a further boost with the open sourcing of a number of projects from appMobi.

The company's development tools are built on open web technologies, and it aims to create an "open ecosystem that competes favourably with 'walled gardens' offered by Apple and Google". According to the company, newly open sourced technology includes cross-platform device APIs, the mobiUs web browser that "allows HTML5 Web apps to perform identically to native apps", and appMobi's DirectCanvas technology, which "accelerates HTML5 canvas rendering, physics calculations and sound by as much as 1500 per cent, providing native performance to HTML5-based games".

It's clear from the company's statements that the move aims to cement its stance on openness. On the website's Open Source Projects page, there's a comment that "it is unacceptable for any one company to have control over what everybody else can say or do on mobile devices", and the realisation that if the company kept its own technologies 'secret', it would be "no different from the companies who currently control the dominant mobile platforms".

The company's CTO, Sam Abadir, added: "[The] innovations in this open source release will improve the mobile Web experience through faster downloads, better offline usage and dramatic HTML5 game performance increases. An improved HTML5 user experience is the 'rising tide that lifts all ships' for open Web mobile developers, and we are happy to pour our technology into that harbor."