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HTML5 Hub seeks digital experience revolution

HTML5 Hub has launched with the goal of pushing the boundaries of HTML5 and revolutionising digital experiences.

Backed by Intel (which states that “HTML5 is the future of web and cross-platform apps”), the community has been formed to build and share exciting digital experiences, and aims to unite and involve developers worldwide.

Frontend developer Todd Motto (TM) was asked to join HTML5 Hub and spoke to .net about what he and the project hope to achieve.

.net: What’s your take on HTML5 Hub?
TM: It’s the next step in the web development community. We all talk about how great HTML5 is, but, apart from providing demos and downloads, we rarely have the chance to showcase it in live environments and talk about the technology. HTML5 Hub is designed to break this mold to become a community place that is always showcasing innovative HTML5 technology.

.net: What's your role? Why are you joining?
TM: My role is to help inspire other developers so they will join and follow the hub, along with creating HTML5 showcase pieces. I've joined as a founding contributor because a chance to work alongside Intel is incredible; it’s a fascinating brand that’s seized a great opportunity, and I want to be a part of it.

There's the added bonus of networking with some amazing developers who, at times, I've seen around the web but haven't really connected with. I also took part in creating the intro video for the website, alongside Kyle Simpson, which was a really great experience.

.net: What sort of things will you be working on?
TM: The first project I'll be working on will be for a high-profile website, which will be launched within a few weeks. Other developers in the HTML5 Hub community also have similar opportunities and I really look forward to seeing everything being showcased.

It gives us all a chance to play with some of the new HTML5 APIs and technology and create something that turns heads. To finalise the project, a film crew was sent from the US to create a documentary about my background, life and involvement. This documentary will accompany an upcoming article and some of the technology I've incorporated.

.net: How do you see HTML5 Hub benefitting the wider development community?
TM: The web development community should see HTML5 Hub as the place to learn, share and talk about all things HTML5, and see some HTML5 technology in the flesh. I see the hub evolving into a community that helps upcoming HTML5 developers get a firm grasp on some advanced HTML5 concepts, and to push their skillset beyond their imagined capabilities.

The possibilities are endless in the technology world, and I think we’re in a position to get involved in some amazing projects, build, showcase, and continue to push the boundaries of what's possible.