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HTML5 website’s design for life

Wonen zoals ik dat wil (or 'living the way I want to', for those of us whose Dutch is a little rusty) is the site of Groningen-based architect Dirk-Jan Schotanus.

The site was built by Arno Hoogma, with Bart Wortel providing the concept and Wouter Nip the design.

The site employs some of the new HTML5 elements and input types as well as taking advantage of HTML5's data-* attributes. "All sites I code are HTML5, so there wasn’t really any decision process there," says developer Hoogma.

Even if the site's a little incomprehensible to us English speakers, it's hard not to be charmed by its smart design and fantastic architectural photography.

It's all Greek to us.

It's all Greek to us.

Words: Ian Devlin

This article originally appeared in .net magazine issue 244.

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