Tanlines reinvent the music video

In this day and age, it's important to stand out in the music industry. Some have even stated that the connection between music and artwork is in the process of its final days but as we can see, Tanlines are here to put that notion to rest.

There was even a special Valentine's background for yesterday's celebrations

The music video was created by design agency OKFocus, who specialize in forward-thinking social web applications. Their products and services are hugely concept driven, believing that a good idea is the foundation of success.

Having already worked with the likes of Google, M.I.A., Smirnoff, MOCA and Svpply, OKFocus was an obvious choice for Tanlines latest single 'Not the Same'.

We had a lot of fun with the various tools!

The website works as an Alpha Channel HTML5 video experiment that mimics Photoshop interface. You can make band members disappear; take out or put in your chosen instruments; alter your background and more. So, be warned - you could be here for an hour or two!

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