DESIGN SPRING: 5 new illustrations from our app

Every Friday we're giving you a taste of what our FREE iPad app, Design Spring, has to offer. Here are just five of the imaginative illustrations we're adding to the app every day to provide you with a daily dose of design inspiration!

It's not just about illustration either - you'll also find graphic design work, typography, 3D work, and more on our free app, which offers zoom functionality and a search facility so you can find what you're looking for quickly and easily.

Whether you’re a designer looking for inspiration, an art director trying to find someone to commission, or you just like looking at fabulous imagery, Design Spring will have something for you. So come on, download it today!

Spring 84

Michael Rubini focuses on print, graphic and digital art

Michael Rubini is a graphic designer hailing from Buenos Aires, Argentina. He focuses on print, graphic and digital art and from the looks of his Behance portfolio, he's developing quite a style for himself. Spring 84 was Michael's entry for the Signalnoise Retro Poster Competition, which earned him an honourable mention.


This brilliant piece entitled 'Windex' was created by Adison for Windex's new ad campaign

Graphic designer Adison M.Reddy currently resides in Dayton, Ohio. His blog showcases a wonderful array of inspirational typography, imagery, print and digital design. This brilliant piece entitled 'Windex' was created by Adison for Windex's new ad campaign - we love it!

A Guide to Meat

This meat-based infographic has to be our favourite of Glenn's

Designer Glenn Millington runs Pictographik - a graphic design, digital illustration and typography agency that offers creatives services for print and digital communication. He has produced a series of brilliant infographics but this meat-based one has to be our favourite.


e love the simplicity and colour scheme of this Léon poster

Gary Goddard a.k.a 3ftDeep is a graphic designer who specialises in creating reimagined movie posters. He's already worked on the likes of Indiana Jones, The Dark Knight Rises and On The Road. We love the simplicity and colour scheme of this Léon poster, as it perfectly executes the feeling of the film.

Noisy Cinema: The Sitter

The Sitter focuses on the experiences of a noisy cinema

After graduating with a 1st Class Honours in Graphic Design from Nottingham's Trent University, James Pryor has created an array of stunning work. This piece entitled 'The Sitter' is a visualision of the frustration, distraction and disturbance one can experience from background noise in cinemas.

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