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10 wonderful examples of design symmetry

06. Lubos Makara

symmetry in design

Some inspiring symmetrical work from Lubos Makara

This project from London based designer Lubos Makara is inspired by Japanese singer Sheena Ringo. The artwork contains all artist symbols as symmetry in asymmetry, death related symbols and apples - there's 15 apples in honour to 15th anniversary of her career.

07. Sherry Dubeau

symmetry in design

The symmetry on this label design brings the branding into focus

This branding for OUTLAW Black Lager was inspired by classic Western movies. "The bold contrast in the label shows masculinity, while still being able to be attractive with the symmetry and flourishes," explains designer Sherry Dubeau. "The strong uppercase wordmark is prominent and suitable to the power of pistols."

08. Joseph Veazey

"I made this booklet based off of a series of drawings, called ambigraphs," New York designer Joseph Veazey explains. "I had started drawing these in my sketchbook a couple of years ago, and just recently compiled and redrew them all in the same format." The zine is full of beautiful, monochrome and symmetrical drawings.

09. Billy Harris

symmetry in design

We love the geometrical shapes used in this symmetrical work

This collection of symmetrical wallpapers and covers were created for !mAsK! by Laramie based designer Billy Harris. Using geometrical shapes and bold, bright colours, the patterns seamlessly come together to create an inspiring and engaging series.

10. Muxxi

symmetry in design

We love this colourful offering of symmetrical illustrations

"This is a series of symmetrical pieces I have been working lately, experimenting with a new range of colours and shapes," explains artist Muxxi. The bold illustrations feature a range of cute characters, brought to life with gorgeous shapes and playful executions.

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