Illustrator plugin makes pattern making easy

We've long been fans of SymmetryWorks, one of our favourite Illustrator plugins. Basically, it lets you quickly generate repeating graphics using Illustrator's drawing tools, then apply transformations to 'grow' the pattern. Once they're complete, patterns can be saved as swatches. LivePresets then augments this process, enabling users to update and edit these pattern swatches and symbols through a 'live edit' function.

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Now Artlandia has released a new version of its plugin that adds a new way of automatically creating patterns - by adding colour reversals to simple geometric transformations. This technique balances "positive" and "negative" counterparts and automatically generates spectacular,
easy-on-the-eye patterns.

Available for Illustrator CS6 and Illustrator CC, the main new features of SymmetryWorks 6 include:

01. Counterchange symmetry operations

The new Color Symmetries pane offers 46 secondary symmetry buttons

Switch counterchange symmetry on the fly. To complement the 17 primary symmetry controls, a new Color Symmetries pane offers 46 secondary symmetry buttons that let you combine symmetry operations with colour reversals.

02. Custom colour reversals in cells and tiles

Customize the canonical counterchange operations further and readily produce a stream of patterns by applying your choice of colour reversals within a tile and, for some symmetries, by reversing rows and/or columns of tiles too.

03. Colour reversals in replicas

Replicas give you transformed copies of your motif that are hot-linked to the original. In version 6 you can now paint your live copies in different styles and colors too.

04. Automatic color inversion

When you recolour a seed element, SymmetryWorks automatically replaces its inverse

Invert RGB or CMYK colors in your motif and immediately breathe stability and balance into your pattern. The inversion is dynamic, which means that when you recolour a seed element, SymmetryWorks automatically replaces its inverse.

05. Fully editable color reversal schemes

Version 6 offers greater control over reversed colours. Add live effects, apply a colour group, tweak colours one-by-one, or change motif colors in harmony with their reversed counterparts.

Pricing starts for SymmetryWorks 6 start at $249, or $75 for an upgrade. Find out more about the plugin here.

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