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How to use the all-new Pencil Tool in Illustrator

One of the big pieces of news in the latest release of Illustrator CC was a radical overhauled of the Pencil Tool, which is used to create vector paths with a natural, hand-drawn look. Now, using quick presets you can now create a smooth, fluid path with fewer points, or a path that more closely matches your drawing intent. You can now draw straight lines too and set them at any angle you so desire.

Now Adobe's released this two-part video tutorial, which shows you how to use the new Pencil Tool and improved Path Segment Reshape feature to complete and refine a simple illustration.

The first video, below, starts by covering the basics of the new Pencil Tool, and exploring the simplified Options Panel. If you want to follow along, you'll need the tutorial files which you can download here.

The second video, below, explains how to create more complex shapes. You'll learn how to continue a path, complete a shape, and create straight and curved segments. It also shows you how you can use the Path Segment Reshape feature to make some finishing touches to the illustration.

To make working in Illustrator CC quicker and easier, Adobe has also released this PDF cheat sheet of keyboard shortcuts.

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