9 top Illustrator resources

The web is a wonderful thing, brimming with resources and tutorials for people wanting to learn the art of Illustrator. But, sometimes, too much choice can be confusing, so we've picked 10 top sites that will really help you get to grips with it.

First of all, check out our own curated lists of Illustrator tutorials and vector art tutorials. But if you can't find what you're looking for there, then take a look at some of these top sites...

01. Adobe.com

Adobe.com is a great resource for Illustrator beginners

The company that makes the software is the obvious place to start, and Adobe.com provides a bunch of great tutorials for using Illustrator, especially when it comes to beginners.

02. Layers

For all your Illustrator needs, check out Layers, the how-to magazine for everything Adobe

Layers is the 'How-to magazine for everything Adobe' so while not soley dedicated to Illustrator, it's a brilliant training resource for the graphic design software. Here you can learn how to create patterns, neon text, gradients and much more. And best of all, it's free!

03. Vectortuts+

Get to grips with Illustrator with Vectortuts+ extensive training library

Vectortuts+ is a fantastic resource for anyone wanting to learn the art of Illustrator. And InDesign for that matter. Offering some of the best Illustrator tutorials around, the site has an extensive library for all skill levels. It also has a Basix section for beginners so newbies can how to create basic shapes, gradients, blends, and much more.

04. Vectips

Vectips offers a great selection of Illustrator tips, tricks and tutorials

Vectips is an excellent resource for learning vector graphics and Adobe Illustrator. The blog was started by Ryan Putnam, who runs Rype Arts and is also an exclusive designer at iStockPhoto. Despite Putnam taking a hiatus from the site earlier this year, it is still very much accessible and full of tips, tricks, training as well as featuring an inspiring and fun interview section.

05. Ai Vault

Get your hands on some fantastic, free Illustrator tutorials at Ai Vault

This Illustrator specific website offers everything you might need to get started with the software. At Ai Vault, you can navigate your way around tutorials, free brushes, vectors, resources for photographers, digital stamps and much more, all of which are effectively categorised. Many of the tutorials are free of charge but some require membership level to access.

06. n.design

n.design studio offers training in really useful Illustrator techniques

While there's not a huge amount of tutorials on n.design studio, the ones featured are completely free and cover really useful Illustrator techniques. Lessons include how to trace a photo, creating 3D objects and comic style strokes. The tutorials are also set up in an easy to follow, step-by-step format.

07. Good-Tutorials

Find Illustrator training from all around the web at Good-Tutorials

Good-Tutorials is a great place to find Illustrator tutorials around the web. With over 100 pages, this site points you in the direction of training at various different design websites. There's a keyword tool to enable you to filter your search and it also helpfully features star ratings next to each tutorial.

08. DeviantART

Access hundreds of free Illustrator tutorials at deviantART

Online art community deviantART has a crazy amount of Illustrator tutorials uploaded by various artists. With thousands of lessons to choose from, it may take a while to find exactly what you're after. But if you're just looking to develop your skills, there's some great training on here, including how to create seamless patterns and countless vector tutorials.

09. Lynda

Access professional Illustrator training at Lynda.com

Lynda Weinman and Bruce Heavin's have built up an extensive tutorial video library over the past few years. And Illustrator has it's own dedicated section, offering a wealth of training in the software for all skill levels. You can follow some of the tutorials on Lynda for free, but for full access a paid subscription is required.

You'll find more training resources here:

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