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See how leading artists start off their amazing art

Full-time artists, students and hobbyists will appreciate the doodles, concepts and drawings contained in this special issue of ImagineFX.

Sketchbooks Vol. 2 contains over 170 pages of eccentric, exciting and engaging art from the likes of sci-fi, fantasy and horror artist Bob Eggleton, illustrator Fiona Sansom, faerie art supremo Brian Froud, and celebrated artist and children's book writer Jonny Duddle.

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View a sampler of this special Sketchbooks issue below:

And if you thinking to yourself, “What happened to volume one?” - don't panic! You can still get your hands on Sketchbooks Vol.1, featuring imaginative art from Kev Crossley, Colin Fix, Mike Corriero and more. See what's inside this special issue:

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