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CHECK THIS OUT! Olympics on Twitter Infographic

Olympic Twitter Infographic

Click the image to see the full-size infographic

As part of a self-initiated brief to mark the end of the first 'Social Olympics', Bristol creative agency Fiasco Design wanted to create an Olympic infographic (we want to say 'Olymphographic'...) that clearly illustrated the part that Twitter played in London 2012.

"We felt that Twitter played a major and decisive role in the London 2012 Olympics," Fiasco's Ben Steers tells us, "and we wanted to create an infographic that clearly outlined both the positive and negative uses of the social media network."

Fact checks

Fiasco has utilised data collected from sources including the Guardian, the Telegraph - and Twitter itself, of course - who have collated vast amounts of info and stats based on Twitter usage and mentions, providing a wealth of information surrounding the 'feeling of the games'.

And no Olympics infographic would be complete without a medal ceremony - so congratulations once again to Tom Daley, Team GB Twitter champion!