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Hilarious chart shows how committees kill creativity

Corporate graphic design chart

Refine and refine until there's no creativity left

So, you've done loads of market research. You've thrashed out some ideas on a mood board, and you're just putting the finishing touches to your carefully considered logo design. This might sound like a lot of hard work, but any designer will tell you that things only start to get truly difficult if you have to run your graphic design project by a committee.

Taking the idea of compromise to the extreme, design by committee has become a phrase synonymous with frustration and a lack of creativity. With lots of different parties chipping in their ideas, each with their own agenda in mind, even the best piece of graphic design work will get torn apart once a committee gets their hands on it.

To show everyone how pointless it is to run work by a committee, GraphJam has created this hilarious flow chart. Sure to prompt cynical nods of agreement from designers from all walks of life, this diagram makes it nice and clear how repetitive and tedious committees can be.

It's almost as if graphic designers actually know what they're doing all along...

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Dom Carter
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