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Infographic reveals how to be a superhero

how to be a superhero

Click on the image to see the enlarged infographic

With the imminent release of one of the best 3D movies of the year Thor: The Dark World, we've gone a little superhero crazy here at Creative Bloq. And it seems the illustrators of the world are following suit, with a whole host of inspirational creations.

One such creation is this pretty adorable infographic from Canadian illustrator Zia Somjee that showcases 'How To Be A Superhero' just in time for Halloween. Informing us of how we can aquire a back story, a secret identity and even an arch-nemesis, you'll be the next Superman - or Batman or whoever your favourite is - in no time.

So, whether you're concerned about which colour spandex you should opt for or how you'll go about acquiring a power, look no further than this fun and inspiring offering.

[via Design Taxi]

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