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Striking data dandelions offer a new take on infographics

4G infographic

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Infographics are a great way to showcase data and the more creative, the better, in our opinion. To celebrate EE reaching its 10million 4G customer milestone, the team commissioned digital artist, Colin Hayward, to design a series of 'data dandelions' that represent a day of 4G data activity across the EE network.

Each point, or floret, of the dandelion represents a specific number of actions on the 4G network. The stem captures the huge volumes of data those actions generate; the thicker the stem, the more data is required for that action. It's a refreshing new take on the humble infographic and as beautiful as they come.

4g infographic

Visual artist Colin Hayward has reinvented the infographic with this beautiful representation

"As organic lifeforms, digital data surrounds us completely,"explains Hayward. "My aim was to provide an accurate representation of EE's 4G data path in visual form, and as the data from the network began feeding into the root structure, it began to take the shape of a flower. In its final form, it showcases the complete cycle of how data is processed and then accessed from the network to the mobile user."

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