10 cute fonts to charm your clients

There's a fine science to looking cute. Get the proportions right and anything can melt your heart with its adorable aesthetics. This applies to fonts, too, as you'll see with this list of 10 of the cutest fonts around.

01. Fantai

Inspirational words that don't quite make sense

Format: TTF

Designed by Behance user Aliv Pandu, this sans-serif font uses chunky ascenders and thick bowls to pull off the cute look. Topped off with a painterly handwritten look, Fantai is loaded with bags of endearing charm. Download it for personal use for free.

02. Canvas Acrylic Megafamily

There are plenty of textures and word shapes to play with

Format: OTF

We love the chalky texture in the Canvas Acrylic Megafamily. And with nine distinct sub-families making up this cute font set, there's plenty of room to play around and create a look that suits you. Download the Canvas Acrylic Megafamily for £56.99

03. Sunshine Daisies

A colourful pastel palette really sets this font off

Format: OTF

Sunshine Daisies is a hand-lettered collection that brings together 15 fonts bursting with fun and sunshine. We particularly love how some of the counters are filled in with blocks of colour. With plenty of alternatives and a pseudorandom function, Sunshine Daisies can be yours for £63.99.

04. Preta

This font looks good enough to squeeze

Format: OTF

Sometimes something looks so cute you just want to give it a big squeeze. This is definitely the case with Preta, a thick and bubbly cute font that takes its inspiration from early Art Nouveau posters. Composed of five different styles, Petra can be yours to download for £64.78.

05. Lemon Yellow Sun

Lemon Yellow Sun gets its name from a Pearl Jam lyric

Format: OTF

With its bold colours and spindly letter shapes, Lemon Yellow Sun calls to mind children's books from years gone by. What could be cuter? The tall, all-caps typeface comes with lots of bouncy glyphs and plenty of diacritics for you to have fun with. Download it for £16.48.

06. Elise

The patterns and layers make us think of custard creams and bourbon biscuits

Format: TT

Elise describes itself as a sweet natured, layered typeface. This capable and personable set is best used large to really show off everything the design has to offer. Composed of six fonts, this cute family can be yours to download and experiment with for £29.99

07. Cut Along

The underlined 'o' sets this font apart

Format: OTF

The creator of this font family, David Kerkhoff, made this cute set the old fashioned way... with a pair of scissors. This handmade finish carried over into the finished digital family, which would look perfect in children's books, packaging and ads. Download both fonts in the family for £17.99.

08. Sleepy Bubbles

This characterful font calls to mind graffiti art

Format: OTF

Looking like it came from the cuter end of a graffitied halfpipe, Sleepy Bubbles is another bouncy font that will add a dash of sweetness to your projects. We particularly like how all the letters are crowded together to really ram home the cute look. Best of all, you can download Sleepy Bubbles for free.

09. Nido

This font is ideal for children's books and posters

Format: OTF

Just like Cut Along, Nido is a paper-inspired font. This family uses the idea to create letters that look like they could be peeled off the page, or perhaps they're bookmarked like folded down pages. Either way, this cute font set comes with five variants that can be downloaded for just £49.99.

10. Harimau

Harimau means Tiger in Bahasa Indonesia

Format: OTF

Finally there's Harimau, a font family that resembles stylised children's handwriting. This font is easy to read and looks playful, plus it comes with extensive language support. If you want to use this for children's books or posters, download Harimau for £13.99.

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