18 creative MacBook decals

MacBook decals are a creative way to add a personal touch to your laptop. Rather than relying on dodgy event stickers, these decals are a quality way of making your laptop stand out and showing the world who you are as a creative. 

Some are cool, some are quirky and most of these MacBook decals incorporate the famous Apple logo design in a clever way. If all this puts you in the mood to do more office upgrades, check out our best desks in 2019 roundup.

01. Desk Lamp

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Desk Lamp Macbook decals

Get a desk lamp reminiscent of Pixar's cute, hopping lamp (Image credit: Brutal Visual Studio on Etsy)
  • Price: £6.11

We like this desk lamp decal as it has personality. Much like the Pixar desk lamp that hops all over the screen, this lamp looks like its about to jump off the MacBook. It also cleverly makes the Apple logo, peeping out of the design, look like the lamp's bulb.

02. Waterfall and apple art

Waterfall MacBook decal

This is made with environmentally friendly materials and has five stars on Etsy (Image credit: KGNG on Etsy)
  • Price: £7.48

This waterfall and apple art decal is an ornate choice that uses the curve of the Apple logo to shape the picture. It's a peaceful splash of colour that will be calming at times of stress.

03. Petroleum blue

MacBook decal

This MacBook decal is available in a range of sizes
  • Price: $24.95

This glossy petroleum blue MacBook decal is a stylish way to add some colour to your laptop. It's available for a number of different sizes MacBooks, and you can choose whether you want the Apple logo cut out or not. There are also keyboard and underside stickers available, depending on the look you want to go for. 

04. Stardust

Stardust MacBook decal

Explore the deepest darkest corners of... the world wide web
  • Price: $24.95

A gentle reminder that there is nothing quite as vast and spectacular as the galaxy, not even the internet! This stardust design is available as a skin for every single part of your MacBook – even the trackpad.

05. Snorkeler

Snorkeler MacBook decal

Turn your Apple logo into something more personal
  • Price: $4.25

Etsy seller GRCDecals creates stickers that transform your MacBook's Apple logo into something completely different. There's everything from a zombie hand to an Android logo on offer, but our favourite is Snorkeler, the fun decal that turns the Apple logo into a scuba diver. It's also available in a range of colours.

06. Iridescent Stone

Iridescent Stone MacBook decal

Add a touch of natural elegance to an otherwise bland piece of state of the art tech
  • Price: £12

Iridescent stone is a stunning decal resembles the beautiful light reflecting surfaces of Labradorite, a stone known for it's magical properties and unique mix of colours. Turn your man-made tech into a natural wonder!

07. The Great Wave off Kanagawa  

The Great Wave off Kanagawa MacBook decal

Get this right and you'll definitely make a splash
  • Price: £12.73 

Decals aren't just for cases. Who can resist turning their keyboard into a reproduction of Hokusai's 'The Great Wave off Kanagawa'? Anyone with not especially steady hands, we reckon; this looks fiddly with plenty of potential for disaster. But it'll look amazing if you pull it off.

Macbook decal Retro logo

Be the envy of all your friends with this simple but super-cool retro MacBook decal
  • Price: £5.10

If you're a fan of retro design, then you'll love this replica of the rainbow Apple logo used by the company in the mid-70s to the late-90s. Simply place over the current Apple logo on your Mac, power up and watch the colours light up!

09. All-seeing eye

MacBook decal - Space

The owner of a Mac that looks like this is no doubt working on something very interesting
  • Price: £4 

Make yourself look mysterious on trains with All Seeing Eye, a little decal that replaces your apple with an all-seeing eye. It fits a range of MacBook models, and can be peeled off when you decide you want a different look.

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