20 creative Mac decal designs


As a creative, it's natural to want to do a bit of customisation when it comes to your laptop or tablet – and that's where Mac decals come in. Don't wait until Black Friday to try your luck on picking up a bargain: there are deals to be had on decals all year round... 

Ranging from the cute to the cool, most of these Mac decals incorporate the famous Apple logo design (although it might not be obvious at first sight) and enable you to express your personality through your Macbook, whatever your creative specialism.

01. Stardust

Explore the deepest darkest corners of... the world wide web.
  • Price: $24.95

A gentle reminder that there is nothing quite as vast and spectacular as the galaxy, not even the internet! This stardust design is available as a skin for every single part of your MacBook – even the trackpad.

02. Iridescent Stone

Add a touch of natural elegance to an otherwise bland piece of state of the art tech
  • Price: £18.24 

This stunning decal resembles the beautiful light reflecting surfaces of Labradorite, a stone known for it's magical properties and unique mix of colours. Turn your man-made tech into a natural wonder!

03. The Great Wave off Kanagawa  

Get this right and you'll definitely make a splash
  • Price: £10.22 

Decals aren't just for cases! Who can resist turning their keyboard into a reproduction of Hokusai's 'The Great Wave off Kanagawa'? Anyone with not especially steady hands, we reckon; this looks fiddly with plenty of potential for disaster, but it'll look amazing if you pull it off.

Mac decal

Be the envy of all your friends with this simple but super-cool retro Mac decal
  • Price: £3.94

If you're a fan of retro design, then you'll love this replica of the rainbow Apple logo used by the company in the mid-'70s to the late-'90s. Simply place over the current Apple logo on your Mac, power up and watch the colours light up!

05. Creative Brain

This illustrative design will get your cogs turning...
  • Price: £10.22 

This Mac decal from Etsy shop own Guosh Coo features a lovely illustrative interpretation of the two halves of the brain. The right hand side of the brain is said to be creative, while the left is logical and analytical. Ideal for designers who have to do both in their work. 

06. Cream Marble 

This isn't your average marble design
  • Price: £11.80 

366skins offers quite a selection of marble-style MacBook decals; this particularly vibrant example dominated by colourful banding is our favourite by far. This decal is high quality matte vinyl and is completely waterproof and oil-proof (although your Macbook probably won't thank you if you spill your drink on it).

07. Mandelbrot

Fractals don't have to be overloaded with colour
  • Price: £6 

Give your MacBook a sophisticated fractal touch without going full psychedelic nightmare, with this simple silhouette of the classic Mandelbrot set.

08. All-seeing eye

Mac decals Space

The owner of a Mac that looks like this is no doubt working on something very interesting
  • Price: £8 

Make yourself look mysterious on trains with this little decal that replaces your apple with an all-seeing eye. 

09. iCoverMyApple

Mac decals iCover

iCoverMyApple stickers are inspired by natural environments
  • Price: $7.50-$16 

iCoverMyApple is a husband and wife duo where the idea for creating stickers began when they realised that they wanted to enhance and personalise their own 'stuff'. "Our search for beautiful stylish stickers came to a halt. So that's when we decided to create a line of stickers for people who appreciate art and celebrate their own personal style," they explain.

10. Oil Painting

Mac decals colour

Add a splash of colour to your work space
  • Price: £14.94

Add a splash of colour to your desk with this brilliant oil painting mac decal design. It will no doubt get those creative juices flowing and inspire you to add more colour to your work.

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