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18 creative MacBook decals

10. Mandala Love

Macbook decal - iCover

This design is inspired by mandalas, kaleidoscopes and sacred geometry
  • Price: $16

Mandala Love is made by Sacred Geometry Stickers (previously iCoverMyApple), a store run by photographer Heather and husband, multimedia artist Shane. They decided they wanted to enhance and personalise their things, so created a line of stickers for people who "appreciate art and celebrate their own personal style". All their designs are inspired by nature.

11. Oil Painting

Macbook decal - colour

Add a splash of colour to your workspace
  • Price: £14.85

Add a splash of colour to your desk with this brilliant oil painting MacBook decal design. It will no doubt get those creative juices flowing and inspire you to add more colour to your work.

12. Get Shit Done

Get Shit Done MacBook decal

Prone to procrastination? Maybe this will help
  • Price: $4.24

Lacking in motivation? Prone to procrastination? Get a (kind of) motivational quote directly in front of you with this vinyl MacBook decal. We like that this Get Shit Done sticker sits inside your laptop, so it'll still look professional from the outside. 

13. Banksy

MacBook decals - Banksy

This decal gives your Mac some street art edge
  • Price: £7

Did you manage to visit Dismaland? Or maybe you've got a copy of Wall and Piece on your coffee table. Either way, this Banksy decal is perfect for fans of the subversive, counter-culture graffiti artist.

14. Bohemian

MacBook decals - Bohemian

Take a walk on the wild side with this decal
  • Price: £19.49

Channel your spiritual self with Bohemian, a beautifully worn MacBook decal. Decorated with intricate mandala-style imagery, this cover is finished off with a gorgeous turquoise and metallic colour scheme to give your laptop an ethereal touch.

15. Colour rays

MacBook decals - Colour ray

This radiant decal will brighten up your Mac
  • Price: £19.19

Colour Rays is a decal that will get you noticed. Inject some much-need rays of colour with this MacBook decal design. Full of a wondrous array of shades, this will brighten up any day.

16. Superman

MacBook decals - Superman

This decal is a great homage to the man of steel
  • Price: £9.31

This Superman MacBook decal is a must-have for any Clark Kent fan. Whichever interpretation of the Kryptonian superhero you prefer, this decal is the perfect accompaniment to your obsession. It's available in a range of sizes to fit different MacBooks and ensure the Apple logo lines up perfectly with Superman's chest shield.

17. Iron Man

MacBook decals

Saving the world, one MacBook at a time...
  • Price: $14.99

The clever design of this awesome Iron Man MacBook decal incorporates the famous Apple logo as the superhero's deadly arm blaster. If you have a dark-coloured MacBook (pink or Space Grey), select the 'white backing' option to make sure your design is displayed to its best.

18. Hipster Snow White

Snow White MacBook decal

Snow White... with glasses (Image credit: CraftyStudioz)
  • Price: £5.86

Hipster Snow White is a cool take on the classic Disney character. This decal cleverly turns your Mac's apple into the poisoned fruit that sends the classic Disney princess into a coma, to be awoken only by her true love's kiss. 

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