20 creative Mac decal designs

11. Flowers

Mac decals Flower

Bring a natural look to your Mac with this flower decal
  • Price: £9.90

Macs might be one of the most high tech commercial gadgets, but even they can benefit from homely decals. This pleasant floral cover would be perfect for green-fingered mac users, or anyone after a subtle decal that would be at home anywhere.

12. Banksy

Mac decals Banksy

This decal gives your Mac some street art edge
  • Price: £7

Did you manage to visit Dismaland? Or maybe you've got a copy of Wall and Piece on your coffee table. Either way, this decal is perfect for fans of the subversive, counter-culture graffiti artist, Banksy.

13. Harry Potter

Mac decals Burnt Mac

Show your love for Mr Potter through this clever decal
  • Price: £5.49

Decals don't need to cover the whole surface of your Macbook. This smart little design turns your Apple logo into an homage to the boy wizard himself. Ideal for all Harry Potter fans – just make sure you stick it on straight. 

14. Bohemian

Mac decals Bohemian

Take a walk on the wild side with this decal
  • Price: £17.49

Channel your spiritual self with this beautifully worn mac decal. Decorated with intricate mandala-style imagery, this cover is finished off with a gorgeous turquoise and sepia colour scheme to give your laptop an ethereal touch.

15. Colour rays

Mac decals Colour ray

This radiant decal will brighten up your Mac
  • Price: £15.69

Here's a decal that will get you noticed! Inject some much-need rays of colour with this Mac decal design. Full of a wondrous array of shades, this will brighten up any day.

16. Superman

Mac decals Superman

This decal is a great homage to the man of steel
  • Price: £11.80

This Mac decal is a must-have for any Clark Kent fanatic. Whichever interpretation of the Kryptonian superhero you prefer, this Mac decal is the perfect accompaniment to your obsession.

17. Iron Man

Mac decals

Saving the world, one Macbook at a time...
  • Price: £14.99

The clever design of this awesome Iron Man Macbook decal incorporates the famous Apple logo as the superhero's deadly arm blaster.

18. Street Fighter: Ryu

mac decals

Everything I do, I do it for Ryu
  • Price: £7.87

How awesome is this Ryu Mac decal?! The Street Fighter legend and 'hero' of the series comes to life, using the Apple logo as his fireball. One for you game-lovers out there! And speaking of Street Fighter, have you seen these brilliant Street Fighter illustrations?

19. Super Mario

mac decals

Apple makes its way into the Mario world
  • Price: £4.14

Itsa Mario! You simply can't have a post on Mac decals without the world's most famous Italian plumber making an appearance. We loved this one especially thanks to the cute and clever design.

20. Snow White

Snow takes that fateful bite - add a touch of Disney charm to your MacBook!
  • Price: £6.11

An oldie, but a goodie. This decal cleverly utilises your Mac's apple, by adding classic, iconic Disney princess, Snow White, and that all important plot device -the poison apple that sends her into a spellbinding coma, only to be awoken by her true love's kiss. 

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