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Designer updates Dieter Rams’ 10 principles for 2017

It's a question most designers ask themselves again and again: Is my design a good design? For some, it's a rhetorical question, but for German industrial designer Dieter Rams, the answer came in 10 parts.

What Rams came up with is an ideology known as the 10 principles for good design. It's a set of factors that have become a sort of Bible for designers and creative directors to refer to when they feel their project has lost its way. But designer Tobias van Schneider decided Rams' principles needed a tech industry update.

In this tongue-in-cheek list, Schneider updates Rams' work and adds in buzz words and wry observations related to the world of tech industry design. For any web designer who has found themselves trapped by these principles, we're sure we can hear you breathing a heavy sigh of recognition as you read this list.

He forgot 'Good design is edgy' [click the icon in the top right to enlarge the image]

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