Pluvio creates the perfect umbrellas for designers


Summer's well and truly over, so that means we get to look forward to everything Autumn has to offer. Get ready for overcast days, colder weather and leaves on the ground. It's not all doom and gloom though, as Pluvio Umbrellas are here to brighten up rainy days with their artistic brollies.

Founded by art-lover Jonathan Bonder, Pluvio was created out of his frustration with normal but boring umbrella designs. The result is a series of brollies that both look good and can withstand heavy rain and strong winds.

Sales of the Colours for Haiti umbrella go towards charitable causes

The eye-catching designs range from straightforward, colourful illustrations of foxes and houses, to optical illusions that are up there with some of the best trompe l'oeil art.

Having worked closely with a range of artists and designers, Bonder has created what he calls "art with a function," which he hopes will make other people reconsider the humble umbrella.

This optical illusion umbrella is sure to make people double take

"I never thought about using an umbrella – no matter how hard it was raining," he confesses. "I associate umbrellas with being monotonous, boring, and always breaking. I strived to change the mundane state of the umbrella by starting Pluvio Umbrella. With the slightest drizzle, you'll want to show off your Pluvio. You'll be wishing for rain."

Each artistic umbrella is limited to just 200 editions per design, so if you want to get ready for the Autumnal squalls, be sure to head over to the Pluvio site now before they all sell out.