Sagmeister & Walsh delivers edgy fashion label rebrand


'Edgy' is seen as a bit of a design buzzword, and in the wrong hands can boil down to being contrary for the sake of it. Not in the case of Sagmeister & Walsh, of course, and the renowned New York design firm has delivered a rebrand for NYC fashion label MILLY which takes edginess to the extreme.

Created over the last six months, MILLY's new visual identity packs bold colours, experimental design work such as optical illusions, and an irreverent character. The result is a distinctive blend of whimsy and attitude where Prince Charming toads are about to be eaten and models smoke sticks of dynamite.

Capping off the rebrand is a logo which evolves and transforms the established MILLY wordmark. Appearing as flowers, a frozen pattern, and even painted onto a woman's body, the different applications are designs to change along with the clothes in each season.

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Fairy tales get a dark twist
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The key attributes of the rebrand are: edgy, irreverent, bold and colourful
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The Milly logo gets some creative reinterpretation
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Bright colours make the identity unmissable
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Optical illusions are a recurring theme

With consumers bombarded by thousands of images and content from brands on a daily basis, Sagmeister & Walsh created over 400 images in order to keep the rebrand fresh and appealing.

Inspired by MILLY's new collection, which sees their American retro and vintage looks blend with French atelier stylings, this brand identity will appear across print, digital, and social campaigns.