These safety cards will help art directors and copywriters get along


Working as part of a creative team can be great fun. You get to work on a variety of interesting projects and watch them come to life. You'll also get to meet lots of other creative people and bounce ideas off each other. But just like any other job, the work isn't always plain sailing.

Personality clashes are one of the most common frustrations in the workplace. Even in creative jobs there is a pecking order, but this doesn't mean people should be disrespectful to one another. To help art directors and copywriters get along, two creatives in the know have channelled their life experience into these witty safety cards.

Made by New York-based copywriter Stephanie Vicari and art director Caitlin Hickey, these cue cards will help studios to avoid any awkward situations. From being sure to give art directors decent images to work with, to not being condescending to copywriters, these safety cards will have both departments covered. Click on the images below to read the cards in full.

Occupational hazards include flaming books and death

Booze and pills are tools of the trade, apparently

[via Design Taxi]

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