Comics reveal how smartphones would change classic films


For better or for worse, smartphones have changed the way we live. Depending on who you ask, smartphones have either made the world a more connected place, or they've turned people into zombies staring at their hands all day. They've definitely made life easier, though, as these witty doodle art comics reveal.

Created for British internet provider Plusnet, these comics take iconic movies and show how a smartphone would make the story so much more straightforward. The appropriately named campaign, App-y Endings: Films that would have turned out better with mobile data, takes the likes of Fight Club and The Lord Of The Rings and gives the main characters smartphones to help them on their way.

In each case, whether it's trekking to Mount Doom with the help of Google Maps or surviving as a cast away thanks to Netflix access, smartphones make short work of any problems the characters encounter. Explore the full series of comics below, but be careful that there could be spoilers ahead.

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Being cast away with unlimited data doesn't sound too bad
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Online ordering makes everything easier
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The first rule of Fight Club is: You do not tweet about Fight Club
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Heeeeere's Candy Crush!
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The shower service left a lot to be desired
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Bad reviews are a real hindrance for supernatural beings

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