Why colour gradients are a hot new visual trend


Colour is a powerful tool for designers, and gradient colour is currently being used to add depth and manipulate perceptions of shape and form in a range of products. From mirrors to scarfs, these ombré effects applied to solid objects give them an ethereal quality, while subtle gradients serve to enhance angles and form. 

Here's our selection of some eye-catching examples of the gradient colour trend in action.

01. Curved mirrors

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A neat gradient is used to morph this curved mirror (use the arrows to scroll through this gallery for more pictures)
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"Instead of finishing a product by just painting it, I started from colour, wondering about what would it look like if I stretch, turn or fold the colour as if it was a three-dimensional shape," Ermičs says
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This console is part of Germans Ermičs' Shaping Colour range (Photos by Lonneke van der Palen)

Germans Ermičs’ Shaping Colour collection forms an investigation into the relationship between colour and shape. Applying dense pigment bleeds to simple geometric forms, Ermičs' work celebrates the power of colour to transform.

02. Mirrors with a coloured hue

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A simple hue alters our perception of this mirror (use the arrows to scroll through this gallery for more pictures)
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The shapes of the mirrors are handdrawn, with a hue of colour added to the glass
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Form, shape and colour come together to alter the viewer's reflected face and surroundings
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Photos by Lee Wei Swee

Offround Hue is the latest addition to the Seeing Glass collection by Sabine Marcelis, in collaboration with Brit van Nerven for Etage Projects. The shaped mirrors aim to disrupt the viewer’s perception of objects and the spaces reflected in them.

03. Menswear

A contrasting design by Northern Ireland's Jonathan Anderson
(Image: © JW Anderson)

At JW Anderson’s spring/summer 2017 menswear show, oversized shirts in cool blues and greys had the appearance of having been dipped in warm shades of yellow and brown.

04. Perfume packaging

A subtle bleed transforms this fragrance bottle

Fragrance brand Regime des Fleurs makes its fragrances stand out by using distinctive packaging, which blends vintage aesthetics and baroque detailing with super synthetic colour bleeds.

05. Clothing and accessories

The colour cascades down this scarf as it slinks down the stairs
(Image: © Print All Over Me )

Print All Over Me has collaborated with wallpaper designer Calico and Brooklyn concept store Swords-Smith to produce a collection of scarves and garments printed with Calico’s Night and Aurora designs.

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