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Wood you believe it: nature-inspired iPhone cases

As a creative, there's no doubt that you want your accessories to mirror your taste in design. Sleek, sophisticated, and full of nature-inspired loveliness, these new iPhone cases from Eden will have you pining after each and every edition.

Wooden iPhone case 2

The wooden iPhone cases come in four designs

Based in Germany, Eden creates the iPhone cases with FSC certified wood veneer. After crafting a number of various iPhone skins and cases, it was these wooden creations that have proved most popular and it's easy to see why.

Not only are the iPhone cases beautiful in their simplicity, they are also delivered in the kind of packaging that worthy of a swoon or two. The supplied screwdriver can also replace the back in just 3mins, so you'll be able to snap up a few of these beauties with ease.

Wooden iPhone case 3

The cases come in stunning packaging that you'll want to leave untouched

The cases are a little on the pricey side, coming in at 89€ - about $116 - but we think these are the kind of cases that will never go out of fashion. The site in which the products are showcased is also a feat in itself. Head on over to Eden to see for yourself.

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