Augmented reality brings fairies to life via your iPhone

Away with the fairies? No, they’re right here with us, on our iPhone and iPad screens thanks to clever new augmented reality app Fairy Magic.

Our Verdict

Worth it just for the look on your kids' faces!


  • The fairies, of course


  • (whisper) They're not actually there

At last, augmented reality has a purpose! And it's fairy-spotting

You'd expect something a bit special from a team that has previously worked with ILM and the Harry Potter films, and the '3D Enchanted Reality technology' behind Fairy Magic doesn't disappoint.

Hold up your iOS device to, say, your garden or kitchen sink, and overlaid on the scene are delightful, interactive, tappable and - most importantly - collectable fairies darting about.

No longer a figment of your demented imagination, the fairies can be spotted, interacted with, and collected

The aim is to find all 50 fairies, but some are for sale in the 'Fairy Pond' at 69p a pop; here you can also review your collected fairies in the form of a jigsaw.

After the first few visits, apart from the attraction of collecting all the fairies, there isn't a lot to keep you coming back. It's worth getting, though, if only for the amazement on your children's faces when you reveal to them the secret world of fairies all around them.

Key info

  • Price: 69p / 99¢
  • Works with: iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch
  • Version: 1.0
  • App size: 42.8MB
  • Developer: Inlifesize Ltd
  • Age rating: 4+

This review originally featured in Tap! Magazine issue 22.

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The Verdict


out of 10

Fairy Magic

Worth it just for the look on your kids' faces!