Enter the tornado! Amazing new WebGL demo

This interactive WebGL experiment puts you in control of a tornado

Every day, web developers are doing new and amazing things with WebGL, a new web technology that brings hardware-accelerated 3D graphics to the browser without installing additional software. But this mindblowing interactive experiment especially grabbed our attention.

Atmospheric sound effects add to the immersive experience

The demo, which will only work in modern browsers (we'd recommend the latest version of Chrome) and on a computer with a decent graphics card, puts you in the eye of a storm, and enables you to change the direction of the extreme weather event via a series of controls on the top-left of the screen.

Although it's recreating a weather event, to sci-fi fans like us it's very reminiscent of the "time tunnel" credit sequence at the start of Doctor Who, which just made us like it more!

Change the direction of the storm via the controls provided

Created by Einar Öberg, developer at Stockholm-based agency North Kingdom, Sweden, features great atmospheric sound effects in addition to the graphic effects.

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