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Stop motion Lego vines project

It's no secret that we love anything to do with Lego here at the Creative Bloq office. From Lego art to Lego animation, there's plenty of fun and inspiration to be had from those little coloured plastic blocks. So, when we came across this cute stop-motion Lego project we just had to share it with you!

This new tumblr project was created by New-York based art director, designer, and illustrator Mark Weaver. He's worked with the likes of The New York Times, Wired, The Atlantic and Stella Artois, so this little site is a little dose of creative fun in his spare time.

Lego Vines feature an array of animated Lego treats. You'll witness Lego blocks constructing, de-constructing, rotating, morphing and more. We were sceptical of Vine when it was first announced but we think this is a brilliantly creative invention for the video app.

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