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Is this logo sexist?

Logo design is always tricky. And often in ways you might not have considered.

Enterprise Florida - an economic development partnership between Florida's government and businesses - has launched a branding initiative aimed at marketing itself nationally and internationally as a business destination.

The campaign, led by Jacksonville branding firm On Ideas, features a new website, and this striking green and orange logo:

While the University of Miami's football coach Al Golden will no doubt be pleased - he's known for his orange necktie - some are arguing that women in business might feel a little disenfranchised by the design.

Tampa Bay Business Journal quotes a number of local businesswomen slamming the design. "Perhaps they should add a tag line: 'Florida is the perfect climate for business if you're a man'," one local public relations executive told the publication. But an Enterprise Florida spokesman said the board and stakeholders had considered the image a "universal symbol of business" and that women been among those who approved it.

Are the logo's critics being oversensitive, or do they have a point? Let us know what you think in the comments...

The logo in action on the new website

The logo in action on the new website

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Has any of your design work ever been interpreted as being offensive? Share your experiences in the comments below!

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