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World's top logos recreated with new Squarespace tool

The Microsoft logo reinvented with Squarespace Logo

The Microsoft logo reinvented with Squarespace Logo

Last week website building platform Squarespace caused a big stir by launching Squarespace Logo, a 'logo creation' tool for non-designers. As we reported at the time, some designers are fuming over the move, which they say devalues the art of logo design. But others are managing to see a funny side to it all.

B&T, the leading Australian magazine for the marketing, advertising and media industry, has recreated the logos of some of the world's top brands using the Squarespace Logo tool.

The new designs show the famous Coca-Cola, Apple and Microsoft logos like you've never seen them before - and we're not sure they'd get automatic sign-off from the client. But B&T also makes an interesting point in the accompanying blog post - "when you are using a standard set of icons, how close are you to infringing someone else's trademark?" Surely, it argues, "it's just a matter of time until the first cease and desist letter goes out to the first person to use one of the 20-odd apple icons in their new logo."

Read the full blog post here.

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