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Virgin America redesigns logo for April Fools' Day

New Virgin America logo

Apparently these abstract shapes reflect humanity's contradictory nature...

Given how controversial updated logo designs seem to be, this April Fools' Day prank by Virgin America is sure to tickle a few graphic designers. In a press release that landed yesterday the airline revealed it had ditched its iconic red scribble logo in favour of, well, whatever this new logo looks like...

Only, of course, it didn't. This is just one of the many April Fools' Day jokes flying around the internet today. However the thinking behind this parody logo might be a little too accurate for some designers to handle.

Created by the fictional creative agency N_Fuzion, this project lovingly rips apart certain aspects of the design world. With a creative director that challenged the team to go "beyond basic" on a project that took millions of dollars and a number of years to complete, it seems Virgin America really know what they're talking about when it comes to mocking the industry.

Virgin's new logo was inspired by flight paths. No, us neither

Virgin's new logo was inspired by flight paths. No, us neither

Fictional Chief Creative Officer Connor Barnaby is probably best suited to introducing his vision: "The two prominently displayed half circles represent both our tech-forward innovation on the one hand – and our supportive approach to guest care on the other. By connecting the two half circles, we’re making it clear that they are inextricably linked."

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