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How designers can find stories hidden in data

Generate New York, this April's conference for web designers, is all set to run a series of talks by the most inspiring people working in and around web design.

Last year's first event was packed with talented creatives who informed and inspired, including Brendan Dawes.

The leading designer and artist explained his passion for finding stories hidden in data. It was one of a series of talks that introduced the audience to new ways of looking at web design. And as a special taster for this year's event, we're now releasing the full video of the talk for you to watch online:

And this year's speakers look to be just as inspiring. Whether you want to change the world, or start by getting your foot in the door, there are plenty of reasons to go to this year's Generate.

Get your 2015 ticket here!

There are more than 16 speakers at this year's Generate New York, including *deep breath*: Brad Frost, Mike Monteiro, Anton Repponen, Dave Rupert, Irene Pereyra, Jon Setzen, Jonathan Snook, JoonYong Park, Joshua Davis, Kristopher Kowal, Lara Hogan, Netta Marshall, Pamela Pavliscak and Val Head.

For more information on the speaker, head to the site, and get yourself a ticket.