Adobe Illustrator’s first tutorial is an eyesore

Adobe Illustrator has come a long way since it was first released way back in 1987. Nowadays, we're always looking forward to seeing what new tools and features might be added next. But every now and then, it's nice to take a look back to its humble beginnings. 

An original tutorial (see below) for the 1987 version of Adobe Illustrator has been unearthed  – and we can't get over how different it looks. Adobe shared the retro video over on its YouTube channel, and it even features one of the earliest Apple Mac computers. If you're yet to sign up for Adobe Illustrator, then make sure you check out our roundup of the best Adobe Creative Cloud discounts

The tutorial supposedly was sent to users along with the software as a VHS (yep, remember those?). Users are first introduced to the software by John Warnock (the founder of Adobe), who then goes on to talk through some of the key tools in Illustrator as well as some examples of the "techniques and art styles that can be prepared with Adobe Illustrator" – but spoiler, the designs are pretty questionable.

The tutorial features shots of the programme, which quite frankly, looks horrible. With a white and grey colour scheme, the software is very uninspiring. As it was early days for the software, the tools are undeveloped, but I have to admit, I am still impressed that the software even existed in the '80s (perhaps that's just my age showing). 

One of the examples from the video

Logo design has improved quite a bit since the '80s (Image credit: Adobe)

I'm loving the walk down memory lane with this tutorial – just look at that Adobe Illustrator logo in the video (see below). However, I'm counting my blessings that the software has gone through so many updates that make it the streamlined app it is today. Also, I'm pleased to see that the Mac has had some significant updates over the years – can you imagine doing a detailed illustration on a screen that small?

The Adobe Illustrator logo in the YouTube video

(Image credit: Adobe Creative Cloud via YouTube)

I can't imagine that the tutorials would work with today's software today seeing as it's so different, but if you're looking for some more up-to-date guidance, then make sure you check out our roundup of the best Adobe Illustrator tutorials. Or if you fancy getting creative but can't afford Adobe's prices, then don't worry, you could always check out some Illustrator alternatives.

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Amelia Bamsey
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