AI can’t design your brand's tone of voice: here’s why

You can’t go far in today’s tech world without hearing how AI technology has transformed various aspects of design, marketing and communication. As a powerful tool, there are clear benefits to having a copilot in your work. AI can act as a sounding board, or a starting point to build on an idea, but within the excitement and the noise we must remember there are things that it cannot do. As a creative industry, we are still learning how to understand the difference between successfully using AI and where it’s a mistake to rely on its output (for a wider look, see how AI is changing graphic design).

When it comes to working with brands, a cursory Google for AI tools for brand writing throws up hundreds of pieces of software that claim to ‘write like you’, learning and adapting their styles to become more human in their approach. The pace that AI learns means that the truth of such statements are not out of the question, but when it comes to brand design and how your brand sounds, there remains an intrinsic value in preserving a distinctly human touch in brand messaging.

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Jacob Little is a UK-based photographer and journalist with a particular interest in travel.