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Apple's fun new AirPods ad is going down a storm on TikTok

When brands try to get involved with TikTok, it can feel a little 'how do you do, fellow kids?' But there's no denying that the social network is a breeding ground for viral crazes and trends – and the latest has arrived courtesy of none other than Apple.

The company's new AirPods Pro ad, titled 'Jump', features some impressive skipping-rope-based acrobatics, as the protagonist hops, skips and jumps through their town (whilst listening to AirPods Pro, of course). Check out our best Apple deals if you're in the market for the famous white earbuds.

But Apple has now jumped a step further, encouraging TikTok users to get involved with the campaign. Posting on its official TikTok account (which until now has remained inactive), Apple announced: "AirPods Pro turn the world into a playground. Now it’s time to join in the fun. Just grab your rope, move to the music, and transform your rope into something playful."

Right now, the only six videos on Apple's TikTok page are part of its #AirPodsJUMP campaign. Each one features a TikTok personality skipping with rope whilst wearing a pair of AirPods Pro, along with the same song as the main ad, 'Fallin’ Apart (Feat. Denzel Curry & Pell)' by Young Franco.

Apple TikTok videos

The six videos on Apple's TikTok page (Image credit: Apple)

And just like the colour personality quiz that was everywhere last week, Apple's campaign has gone viral on the platform. Users across the globe have been joining in the fun, sharing videos to show off their skipping rope prowess (and AirPods ownership) with the #AirPodsJUMP hashtag.


@justmaiko can jump into different looks. What will your jump do? ##AirPodsJUMP

♬ Fallin’ Apart (ft. Denzel Curry & Pell) - Young Franco

It's curious that Apple is advertising the AirPods Pro just as rumours are hotting up about the earbuds' successors. Not only are the new Pros rumoured to feature some wild new teeth-based controls (yes, you read that right), but the new iteration of the basic AirPods is said to be getting a Pro-inspired design.

Perhaps Apple is simply giving the first generation AirPods Pro a final push before their successors arrive. Either way, we might find out as soon as next month, with an Apple event rumoured for April. But if you can't wait until then, check out today's best AirPods deals below.

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